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We absolutely love South Asian weddings because of the detail and tradition that goes into each one ( and the gorgeous clothing, the dancing, the food, the colors I could go on).  It’s a unique challenge to make sure that your wedding is different from any other – we simply cannot have you celebrating the same ceremony that every South Asian bride has done before – you deserve a wedding that fits your unique personality and character, and that’s where I (Trisha Cranor) and my team deliver.

Your cultural traditions have to be handled perfectly; requiring a significant amount of effort, creativity and planning. Timing is essential for an important celebration like yours, and I work closely with the bride, groom and families involved to intricately manage the fusion of your families desires, your culture, your traditions and your faith so that all of those come together perfectly – in harmony and on time and with a Modern Twist (If so desired).

It’s not just about the mandap, or color selection, or even the decor – but how it all comes together to bring your South Asian traditions from home to any location. Your world will be one full of sacred fires and scented flowers; week-long celebration and exotic animals (you have to have an elephant, lol)… and Working Brides understands the formula that binds those intricate details together into a resplendent occasion to make your family proud.

A South Asian Wedding, whether in DC, Philly or a gorgeous Caribbean Destination is a special day for you with far more depth.  The joining of your hearts will bring family and friends from thousands of miles with celebrations that last for days. That kind of planning requires devotion, an understanding of modern elegance, energy and a passion to make sure that all the details are handled properly.

No matter how elaborate your dreams, my staff and I can help you plan the perfect day! A few days of events right here in the USA or a week long extravaganza in Aruba, Puerto Rico or beyond. Give us a call let us help you create a moment you won’t soon forget!

No matter how elaborate your dreams, my staff and I can help you plan the perfect day!

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