A bride’s dream come true! Trisha’s organization, accessibility, attention to detail and caring nature leading up to my wedding was exactly what I needed for the big day to go as smoothly as it did. She made me feel at ea…
Rashi & G 11/25

Bewildered Bride

Congratulations on your engagement! And welcome to the most stressful experience of your life!

Sound about right?

BEWILDEREDYou have so much planning to do for this wedding. Not to mention a full-time job. How are you supposed to get everything done and not go crazy?

Don’t worry — help is on the way. Sit back, have a glass of wine and take a deep breath.

We’re Working Brides Wedding Planners, and we want to see you have it all: the beautiful wedding day you’ve always dreamed of, along with the fun, joy and laughter that come in the months before. We’ve helped so many brides just like you — stressed, frazzled and definitely overworked — to stop worrying and start having fun.

Chances are you already have amazing ideas for your big day. So let us take over on the heavy lifting of wedding planning: all the follow-up, the phone calls, the research. You concentrate on the fun stuff!

More importantly, time to actually enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being the bride.

After you finish your wine, call us at (240) 353-5076