Here at Working Brides we have been doing Same Sex Weddings since they were called Commitment Ceremonies and once our Nations Capitol made them legal it became even more fun. As we await the day for Same Sex Marriages to be legal Nationwide we are excited to have the LGBT community come to us here […]

Basking Bride

Destination Weddings Weddings are always a trip—but some adventurous couples are making their weddings the journey of a lifetime, literally. From the Caribbean to Europe to Vegas, destination weddings are fast becoming a popular, romantic and fun way to celebrate the big day in style. But planning a wedding hundreds or thousands of miles away […]

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OVERSEE OF DAYS DETAILS AND FLOW Complimentary Consultation Two face to face meetings 3-5 weeks prior to wedding Etiquette advice Review vendor contracts Timeline for vendors and bridal party Review schedule with all vendors to ensure orderliness Orchestrate wedding rehearsal (if venue does not provide) Discussion of duties with the Maid of Honor and Best […]

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Congratulations on your engagement! And welcome to the most stressful experience of your life! Sound about right? You have so much planning to do for this wedding. Not to mention a full-time job. How are you supposed to get everything done and not go crazy? Don’t worry — help is on the way. Sit back, […]

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Congratulations! You’re engaged. And life is good. You’re probably finding out that planning a wedding is equal parts fun and hard work. If you’ve got it under control so far, and you’re still smiling, we’re impressed! And we think you’ve made a really smart move in looking for a wedding planner. Because no matter how […]

Indian Weddings

South Asian Weddings NATIONWIDE PLANNING FOR SOUTH ASIAN WEDDINGS. Ask us! We absolutely love South Asian weddings because of the detail and tradition that goes into each one ( and the gorgeous clothing, the dancing, the food, the colors I could go on).  It’s a unique challenge to make sure that your wedding is different […]